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    Customs clearance service

    In December 2009, E-ANDEX was awarded "Top 100 National Customs Declaration Enterprises" by the General Administration of Customs of China. In December 2010, E-ANDEX was authorized by the General Administration of Customs of China as the first AA agent customs broker and AEO advanced certification enterprise. The overall quality of the company's customs declaration staff is high, the team is stable, the annual number of customs declaration in more than 30,000 votes, the error rate of less than one thousand. Easyanda customs software, starting from the client to achieve a key import, paperless operation, high customs clearance efficiency.


    About us

    Qingdao E-ANDEX International Logistics Co., LTD.was founded in 2002. The company is committed to becoming a global cost leading third-party logistics service provider.


    Service project

    As a member of WCA, E-ANDEX has a global network of high-quality foreign agent partners and logistics services, which can provide FOB, EXWORKS, DAP, DDP and other related services in major countries around the world.

    Why us?

    E-ANDEX its wholly owned subsidiary on customs clearance, land transportation, warehousing, supply chain, such as special areas as their main business, has accumulated a strong customer base, involved in aerospace, shipbuilding, chemical industry, machinery, textile, food industry, etc. And can provide the goods the whole tracking and large equipment transportation and docks straight for service projects such as logistics service, customs clearance, and documents.

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    Company address

    2F, Building 23, Optical Valley Software Park, 396 Emei Mountain Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao city, Shandong Province

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