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  • Company profile

    Qingdao E-ANDEX International Logistics Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") was founded in 2002. The company is committed to becoming a global cost leading third-party logistics service provider.

    Since its inception, the company has always been adhering to the "customer first, service to win, integrity-based, mutual benefit and win-win" purposes, forge ahead, comprehensive improvement. From 2008 to 2018, it was successively awarded the honorary title of "National Excellent Customs Broker" by China Customs Declaration Association. In 2010, it was authorized by the General Administration of Customs to obtain the qualification of the first batch of Class AA customs declaration enterprises; In 2009 and 2012, it was awarded "National Top 100 Customs Clearance Enterprises" for two consecutive times. Passed ISO9000 quality management system certification in 2011; Obtained NVOCC qualification in 2014; In the same year the company joined the WCA organization. In 2018, EANDA passed ISO14001 environment and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, and won the title of the fifth National Excellent Customs clearance Enterprise in December of the same year.

    At present, E-ANDEX has three wholly-owned subsidiaries, two holding subsidiaries, and also has branches in Jinan and Beijing. E-ANDEX shares and its subsidiaries are mainly committed to providing customers with international freight forwarding, customs clearance, inspection, bonded logistics, container transportation, general freight, warehousing, insurance, logistics financing, supply chain design and other comprehensive logistics services. As a member of WCA, the company has high quality foreign agent partners worldwide, and can provide FOB, EXWORKS, DAP, DDP and other related services in major countries in the world. The company has been maintaining long-term good cooperation with COSCO, MCC, HPL, ZIM, KMTC and other shipping companies, with obvious advantages in shipping business. The company is a first-class aviation sales agent certified by China Aviation Association, and its international air import and export cargo volume has been among the best in Shandong.

    The wholly-owned subsidiaries focus on customs clearance, land transportation, warehousing, special regional supply chain and other businesses, forming a development trend of multiple businesses going hand in hand, complementing and cooperating with each other. The steady development of the company has accumulated a strong customer base, involving aerospace, shipbuilding, chemical, machinery, textile, food and other major industries, customers all over the country.

    In July 2016, the company was officially listed in the "National Sme Share Transfer System", thus embarking on a new development road, and will continue to adhere to the core concept of "you exist, I am wonderful", to provide customers with more accurate and comprehensive international logistics supply chain services.

    Qingdao E-andex int'l logistics Inc.,ltd
    2/F,Building 23,No.396,E'mei Mountain Rd.,Qingdao Optics Valley software Park,

    Huangdao District,Qingdao,shandong,china,266555.

    Department of Marketing and Commerce (in alphabetical order)

    The contact Phone WeChat Email Responsible for product category
    Chai Tao

    18561609695 or operator 2030

    Chaitao2583 chaitao@e-andex.com Pre-packaged products, cereals and oils, etc
    Guo Ping 13705426518 or operato 2029 guopinglovemybb guoping@e-andex.com

    Home appliances, textiles, frozen goods, etc

    Mu WeiJie 17667518227 or operato 2031 Muweijie659791 muweijie@e-andex.com Pulp, rubber, chemical products, etc
    Yang ling 17667518258 or operato2028 Weid_ydcenk yangling@e-andex.com Large equipment, timber, etc
    Zhou Qing 13675425386 or operato 2032 qingqingzijin136 zhouqing@e-andex.com Automobile with machinery, dangerous goods, etc

    Overseas Business Department

    The contact Phone Skype Email Responsible for product category
    Guo Mingyuan 18765285916 18765285916 Fiona@e-andex.com Asia, Africa, South America, Oceania
    Zhang Yanxia 15954265594 zhangyanxia2015 Zhangyanxia@e-andex.com Europe, North America

    -hour business complaint telephone: 15066283900/13583209692